About all2all

all2all is a network built from free software. It is aimed at alternative projects, non-profit making organisations, NGOs, artists, private and company users. It offers hosting for websites, domain name management and an electronic messaging system. Alongside these basic services, the network is equipped with streaming servers enabling live broadcast as well as storage of Internet video and audio archives.

A joint contribution towards the costs is used for paying and developing the infrastructure in terms of the hardware and the bandwidth. It also enables us to refuse commercial advertising and so guarantees the independence of the organisation. Lastly it provides a communal fund for those who wish to construct and publish a site without having the financial means to do so.

Debian GNU/Linux is installed on all the all2all servers. This is a powerful alternative to the commercial systems. It is the result of the work of a myriad of developers linked by the Internet and is known to be one of the most reliable systems presently available.

The network has a very high speed fibre optic connection with an international supplier of bandwidth, thus avoiding the monopoly of the national supplier. The servers have a back up power supply. In the case of a power cut a generator ensures that there is no break in the service.

The ethos of the independent network is freedom of speech: no censorship, free expression of ideas, and the protection of the user's personal data. In contrast to a network with a commercial approach, all2all tries to offer access across all levels of society. This marks a return to the original idea of the Internet as a place where everyone could communicate freely, all to all, without any value judgement as to who can use the host. Everyone is free and personally responsible for their content in accordance with democratic principles.